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Learn how to create a small structured character cake, using readily available structural materials. In this E-book you will find step by step instructions with detailed pictures, great tips, as well as all necessary guides and printable templates!
Learning outcomes;
  • Create a fun gravity-defying character cake
  • Understand the internal cake support structure of a small gravity-defying cake
  • Use armature wire as part of the internal support structure
  • Stack, fill, and frost a 3D cake with chocolate ganache to achieve the perfect base for a fondant covering.
  • Step–by–step cake carving to achieve a penguin shape
  • Introduction to using modelling chocolate
  • Create smooth and flawless finishes using chocolate ganache and fondant
  • Use templates to create precise and clean details
  • Create a custom-made cupcake candle
  • Manipulate fondant to create character features to finish

E-Book | Pepé Delivers - Structured cake tutorial