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ICBA Car Structures

Car Structures

Two versatile structures to suit a huge range of car models

We know the challenges that cake designers face when making realistic car cakes... but we think caking should be a lot more fun and a lot less work!

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Problem Solved!

Our expertly designed car cake structures are going to save you time, money and stress!

If you've made a car cake before, you've probably also spent many hours puzzling over how to create a food safe structure that is also strong, proportionately correct, and will give you the illusion that the car is 'floating'... Then you will probably have had to design the structure, sourced & purchased a variety of materials, gained some pretty specific skills to fabricate the structure (hello handy husbands!...) - All before you even turn the oven on. Now that's a lot of work for one cake.

ICBA's uniquely designed car structures eliminate these difficult and time consuming processes and will gain you time, confidence and clients!

Adaptable & Versatile

We've developed two types of car structures to cover a huge range of car models. Both the single level, and the multi level structures are highly adaptable - featuring multiple combination options that enable you to adjust the height & wheel base length to suit almost any car model.

Easy to Assemble & Reusable

You won't need any highly technical or dangerous tools or machinery to assemble our car structures. Every ICBA Car Structure Kit includes 4 x cross head screws to secure the 4 corresponding struts of the structure to your cake board. Watch the assembly video's to see just how simple it really is.

We love that our Car Structures can be used multiple times with proper care. See the simple care instructions to make sure that you get the most out of your structure.

Supported by Compatible Products & Online Resources.

At Inspired Cakes by Amy, we've got you covered! We have developed an entire system to support you through each step of making your car cake. Visit our online store to see our compatible silicone moulds, impression mats and specialised tools & accessories that have been designed to match the scale of our cake structures. We also offer a free blueprint library, as well as an edible image library where you can download popular car badges, headlights, license plates and many other details for your project. We are building the libraries as we go, so if you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to email us with a suggestion and we will do our best to add it to the library. 

...And we haven't stopped there! We are also working hard to bring you an online car cake tutorial really soon!

Food Safe, Environmentally friendly & Australian Made

ICBA car structures are Australian made and designed using acrylic cake platforms and biodegradable food safe PLA plastic.

Inspired Cakes by Amy has worked together with Australian company Custom Cookie Cutters to produce a truly unique product that is safe, versatile and reusable.

Car Structures: Product Gallery


You won't need any highly technical or dangerous tools & machinery to assemble our car structures. Every ICBA cake structure kit include 4 x cross head screws to secure the 4 corresponding struts of the structure to your cake board. Press PLAY on the movies below to see just how simple it really is.

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