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The original Mix & Match wheel system by Inspired Cakes by Amy allows you to customise your car cake wheels with ease! The Mix and Match wheel system is versatile and uniquely designed to be compatible with the ICBA car cake structure range.


All of the ICBA Mag sets available are interchangeable with the ICBA standard wheel as well as the 4WD wheel mould.


Match any of the six rim styles in the Mag set A. to your chosen wheel mould to create highly customised wheels for many different models of cars.


Eliminate cumbersome and time consuming modelling processes with the Mix & Match wheel system that is supported by a range of ICBA compatible car cake structures, component moulds and tools.


Flexible silicone impression mats & moulds make it easy to form and release your chosen medium for consistently detailed results. 


ICBA moulds can be used with sugar paste, flower paste, gumpaste, modelling paste, marzipan, chocolate, candy, boiled sugar, polymer clay, paper clay, modelling clay, cold porcelain, salt dough plaster, wax, low-melt metal alloys or resins (urethane, epoxy or polyester), soap.

Mag set A. | Mix & Match Wheels

PriceFrom $19.95